Artist Statement

I take the two ecological principles of recycling and reusing seriously in my work. I use the vines, leaves, limbs, shavings, junk mail, clothing or other odd materials that would otherwise go into the garbage or litter the ground. And I use the ground, too. Each material has a character of its own which I feel duty bound to discover and disclose. My efforts at nudging, coaxing, pinching, shoving, holding, mixing, adding, layering, balancing, reforming, etc. allow those unique personalities to unfold and bless the world with wonderful sculptural forms and colors. What fun they are as they develop!

Artists typically are expected to give serious statements about the world through their work; I seriously strive to let the humor and beauty of the Creator show through in surprise, wonder, and simple joy. In the process, an unplanned sensitivity often emerges from the work, letting me know that the material and the Creator are in control.