I’m usually really bad about remembering authors. Just recently I was telling a friend about an audio book I was ‘reading’ – this time I remembered the author but couldn’t come up with the title and then made a mess of describing the whole thing. I’m sure she thought I was on something as I stumbled and tripped over myself trying to describe what it was I liked so much.

Anyway, the author is Jasper Fforde. He has a series of books whose star, time traveling detective Thursday Next, works for the Jurisfiction Department of Spec Ops in England in the second book in the series, Something Rotten. Fforde shows off his incredible knowledge of books and authors as he puns and plays his way through normal sounding adventures with abnormal and other-normal twists and turns. How does his mind work that way?!?!?

If you have any fondness for Douglas Adams and Monty Python you will be delighted with Jasper Fforde. I’m now into the first of the series, The Eyre Affair, discovering the basis of a lot that happens in Something Rotten. Great fun!

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  1. Boy can I relate! I’ve often wished the public library would include a historical record of the books I’ve taken out so I could find the authors I’d enjoyed in the past. If I’ve taken out lots of their books, I usually remember but if I’ve only read one or two, the odds aren’t that good. There’s always the option of scanning the shelves at the Monfort Heights branch but that’s rather time consuming.

    Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for new authors and I’ll definitely check out ????? Woops, time to scroll to the top of your message… ah, yes, Jasper Fforde! Tab to another page and voila, first two novels in the series are now on hold for me to pickup at the local branch!

    – Dave 🙂

  2. Boy, that would be ideal – a listing of what I’ve already read/listened to! Think we can convince the library to start that? You’d think they might already have the info on hand, what with the electronic system they have….

    Enjoy Jasper!


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