Convergence 2008

Just a few quick lines before I head back out….

Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay was grand! Of course, I haven’t met a Convergence I didn’t like.

There are lots of stories to tell about …

…circling a black spot that should have been Tampa and finally flying off to Orlando, gassing up and heading back to Tampa before the storm hit Orlando.

…seeing the Tampa waterways from the 12 floor with the skyline lit at night and storms blowing in during the day.

…seeing old friends and meeting new ones and loving every bit of fiber exchange.

…tasting the best key lime pie ever! with a chocolate cookie crust!

…comparing happy hours at the different hotels.

…finding the local meat market for sausage casing needed for my class and getting a lecture on the economy and politics thrown in free.

…receiving one of the best back massages ever from Bill at Royalwood!

…the fellow instructor who wound up with a surprise from the airport in her tool box: a black evening gown, one black high heel, a slip and deodorant.

…the amazing works of fiber art in the Convention Center and local galleries.

…all the great stuff that was found in the vendor hall!

It was great fun being part of it. My classes went well and everyone seemed to enjoy playing the techniques of mud, books and guts.

Off to Papua New Guinea early in the morning. More stories from there when I get the chance.

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