Starting October off right

I was  lax on posting last month – sorry!  So, to start October right, here we go:

Yesterday I took 8 women, mostly older than me, into the woods in Kentucky and we pulled grapevines for random weaving. Learned about other invasive plants and how/why they are good or not for basketry. We harvested some fairly large diameter grapevine – it took four or more of us to get some of it down out of the trees.  The women had a blast and felt so empowered by the group strength.  They also made some nice baskets! Sent them home early all tuckered out. I’ll post a picture of the large class basket made from the really heavy vines that we pulled – it was a community project and is already installed at the Kenton County Extension Office garden.

Today I taught four different simple bookbinding techniques to high schoolers at Oldenburg Academy – and for the most part they looked as though they felt accomplished, too.  Always a warm feeling when the ‘aha!’ moment happens and a face brightens.

Tomorrow a niece and her friend are coming to do some papermaking – I cooked up some asparagus stems and leek leaves this afternoon to be ready for them. Also pulled out a bunch of baggies from the freezer with bits of cooked pulp and some already beaten. My love may run away for the day so as to get out of our way!

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