A Creative Moment

One of the best things about teaching is the push it gives you to be fresh and new in what you are doing. (The absolute best thing about teaching is the work students accomplish – so many wonderful ideas that I would never have time to do myself or – would have thought of!)

I’m offering a jump-start-your-creativity class in Michigan soon, along with the previously mentioned bookmaking class.  Well, one thing leads to another….

My class handouts and supplies for the creativity class have turned into a book! The ‘covers’ are thick plastic pencil cases with zip closures like food baggies. They come with holes for fitting into a binder, so it is ready to bind. The pockets will hold colored ink pens/pencils, drawing paper,  my mini notebook of tips and suggestions, and a few other quirky things; blank sheets of white and neon papers will be bound with the covers for a blank journal.

It’s been fun coming up with a different approach to a kit and handouts. I know, it wasn’t really necessary, but since I was going to give them creative stuff anyway… and would probably have used a baggie to hold it all together… and the class IS about creativity after all…

No picture. You’ll just have to visualize – and create your own image of what I’m doing!

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