A creative visit

Thanksgiving weekend was grand.  Our oldest son came to town and stayed for a nice long visit. So nice to have him home!

While here, he engaged me in a designing and creating session. He is a bicycle messenger/deliveryman in Cleveland. His most awkward delivery seems to be the sheet sized pizzas that get ordered regularly. At 2′ x 3′, not easy to carry on a bike!  So, we sewed!

Forgot to get any pictures of the finished product, but the ripstop nylon bag was big enough to put a small body in it with drawstring, handle, strap and clips to hold extra bags of foodstuffs. Said he would let me know how it works.

In the meantime, he left me with another project: a banner for his bicycle polo team!  Pretty nifty logo, but also lots of detail. I need to get it blown up before I start, but I’m all ‘geared’ to do it!

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