A day of gooseberries and mud…

Two weeks ago our town started a summer Farmers’ Market. A small initial gathering of farmers and crafters showed up with plants, eggs, home made breads and candies, jellies/jams. This week a few more stands were set up and included actual garden produce. I intend to support the market every week that I can (only on Thursdays); last week a dozen fresh eggs (browns and greens) came home with me. Today I scored a quart of gooseberries (that have already been cooked in a ‘crunch’ style dessert), a Thai sweet basil plant (now happily living with our other basil plant on the deck) and 2 small cukes that are really tasty – only one left! It should keep the summer interesting.

What was also interesting today was teaching 22 kids (ages 5? thru 8?) about mudcloth at a day care center. I had one energetic boy who insisted that he would be the hunter as I told the story of how the technique started. No speaking parts; I think he just wanted to stand while everyone else was sitting. The kids did really well in spite of two spills, one tearful rejection of a misplaced drop of mud and boundless energy that youngsters seem to display as it gets close to lunch time!

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