A lot of roos

Who ever warned me about seeing a lot of kangaroos in Halls Gap was spot on – they seem to be everywhere! One local home even had one in their front yard – within their fence, so I’m not sure if it was a pet or just jumped in.

Mostly visible in the evenings from late afternoon on, they start at the edge of the woods and then gradually make their way into the pastures, lawns, green spaces. Tonight there were maybe 35 in this one field above the place we had dinner. Lots of joeys – they birth more babes when the weather has been good. The last two years have been flood years so there is a proliferation of roos due to the abundance of foilage. I was told that a mum roo can be pregnant for up to 4 years (OH, MY!) waiting for good growing conditions, then the naked tiny roo basically crawls out and up the pouch where it is carried and cuddled and nursed till it is able to get about on its own.  Or something like that.

Laughed a lot at dinner – Louise and Jan are a hoot together (they were in my mud cloth class and Louise wore one of her mud pieces tonight – quite the fashion statement!) Margaret and Jeanette are just as bad (chums from an art program, going through it together).

A very filling dinner (deep fried fish, pan fried chicken patty thing that looked like the continent of Australia, fried potatoes wedges, mixed veggies and salad) and dessert (apple cobbler, fresh fruit and cheese cake – a bit different from ours – with fresh whipped cream and mango sherbet on the side) buffet at a reception center – some of the decorations for wedding receptions were up. Lovely veranda on which to enjoy the sun, which finally came out, and the roos.

Class was really good and challenging.  I love not telling people what might be hard to do if they are set on doing it – they usually don’t have any problems if they don’t know they are supposed to have problems. Well, I did have to steer a student in a different direction just so she wouldn’t be disappointed. Lots of design quandaries to overcome and options to explore. They still seem excited, so that is the best part. And our finished projects tables are looking spectacular.

Really beat tonight – almost fell asleep standing up while listening to the panel discussion on being a financially successful fiber artist that was held before dinner. Probably should not have had that glass of wine first.

Two more days to enjoy Halls Gap and the Grampians!

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing it with us! I wish I could be there too — but this is the next best thing. Don’t forget to bring home a black opal. They’re only found in Australia. (If you get a doublet or a triplet, they aren’t TOO expensive.)

  2. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Just as well you had a couple of quiet days in Parkville before your workshop in Halls Gap. It sounds full-on.
    See you when you get back to Melbourne. (I know a jeweller who specialises in Opals!!!!!)

  3. Australia has beautiful fire opals,too. They have a special name, but I don’t recall it right now. The CWC person has not given me a date yet.

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