A Walk in the Woods

It’s been raining and I’m glad. It’s also been on the warm side, and I’m glad of that, too!

A couple days ago the phone rang and the cheery voice of Sharon Mc from the Batesville Middle School filled my ear. She had another exciting idea to involve me with her art students – this time with the after school Art Club group.  Seems she read about the ORBS installation at Indianapolis Art Center. She put that together with the recent push to get local artists doing sculpture in Batesville’s Brum Woods and figured I’d be up for it. And she is right!

Went walking through the woods this morning to get a feel for what natural materials are available and possible places of placement. It is a lovely little park – about 80 acres with some rolling hills and flowing creeks. A nature trail as well as hike and bike trails are in place throughout the woods. Some vibrant colors splashed through the underbrush; the only sign of animal life other than birds was a turtle crossing the path. Some artwork is already in place – several carvings done on dead tree stumps, a woven hanging high between two trees, whimsically painted rocks in the flower garden area and a magical little glass hanging sparkling from a tree limb.

Initially spheres and grids seemed the way to go. After my walk, I’m thinking that webs and piles would work, too. Sharon will be writing up a grant proposal for this. Hopefully we’ll be able to work together out in the woods this coming spring.

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