Auld Lang Syne

The moon is half full, looking so much like a watermelon slice. It is clear and crisp out after a day of clouds.

My love and I just celebrated the beginning of the New Year with folks in Labrador – we didn’t want to wait till midnight here. He has already tucked into bed – needs to be up early for church services. And I have headed back to my office to finish up some paperwork and patterns needed for next week.

This past year was a good one. We’ve grown closer, I feel, and have expanded our family through no effort on our part.

Sebastian and Scarlett are the newest stars and their parents are learning the joys and heartaches, as well as the headaches, of being responsible for another human. They are also abundantly showing the overwhelming love that comes with parenthood. And it humbles me.

As we close out 2011 and peer into 2012, I hold you all close, beseech blessings for/on you, and wish you all the best that the year has to offer.

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