Bats in the basement

Well, actually just one. On the top step of the stairs next to the door that opens into the rest of the house. Perhaps asleep? Or maybe not quite awake as it should have been hibernating.

A brown crevice dweller by all indications. My love at first thought it was a clod of dirt from his shoes.

Quick thinking and the little thing was safely between a see-thru Tupperware container and a sturdy piece of cardboard. As we researched what to do, the bat got very active trying to find its way out of the enclosure.

We are not set up to house critters – not even a pet cage – so keeping it was not an option. The friendly bat rescue lady in Rising Sun was as surprised as we were that the bat had surfaced in our home and suggested it could survive outside as that’s where it must have come from.

So, with warm encouragement, we put it out and set it free. Here’s hoping it finds appropriate shelter tonight.

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