Berries and Pulp

I’ve been munching on blueberries since Monday morning! The first bushes we picked from gave very tart berries – which my love is loving! – and eventually we found some sweeter berries to pick. I’m glad we waited to do the picking – Monday’s weather was much more pleasant than the rainy day we had last Wednesday.

I’ve also been pulling sheets of paper whenever I can. I have one bag of corn husk pulp left to use, a lump of linen, some daffodil and…….that may be it! The bags now all fit on the second shelf of the refrigerator which gives me room to put some berries on the bottom shelf.

ITMT, my stack of sheets that are drying is rising! I know I’m not drying them the ‘correct’ way, but I figure if they dry and stay flat, it really doesn’t matter how it happens.

While picking berries with my sister who has a huge garden, I mentioned some of the plants I have used: leeks, daffodil, onion, corn husks, asparagus. She got all excited and started rattling off a list of what they grow and would I like them?!? We’ll see how her excitement transfers to reality when it comes to harvesting the plants/leaves and drying them. She may need her own hollander!

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