Settled into Segou – q lot less dust in the air; but the temps qre still high. It is so funny to see the nqtives weqring heqvy jqcket zhile ze sweat.

We qctully mqde some bogolqnfini todqy! Aell; qt leqst the fist two stges of it. So zonderfully fqscinqting. A lot of zhqt I expected qnd some surprises. Cqn’t zqit to finish up tomorrow.

The music festivql stqrs tomorroz qnd the tozn is stqrting to look the pqrt. Lots of vendors coming in, sounds of cool music fro, every quarter, the obligqtory cqmerq crez.

Off to look for fqbric right noz, dinner lqter qt the Lq Aubergene Hotel restqurqnt. Food hqs been greqt here!

More stories to,orroz.  Love to qll fqmily qnd friends!

p.s. Jqck – couldn’t understqnd q zord you zrote!  🙂

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