Books and Bugs

Thought I’d share some of the results of my bookbinding work the other day. The cover stock is a pile of cardboard from cereal boxes – two pieces glued together works pretty well. Now on to making up kits for an upcoming workshop.

The large grapevine pieces I did last November have been sitting on the deck since their birth. Lately they’ve been moved around a bit to accommodate deck activities – mainly re-staining. Just this morning I moved the big one again and, to my dismay, found very fresh signs of powder post beetle activity.


The piece is waaay too big to try to get rid of the beetles, so it has now become an outdoor sculpture on the edge of the woods in the back yard. Maybe it will get moved to a more visible spot … or… my love has been talking about making a trail through our woods – it might become a thing of interest on the trail. It will likely last at least a year or two since the vines are so thick, but it definitely won’t be going to Indianapolis later this summer.

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