Books and Handmade Papers

Bookbinding is something that can take many forms: from the simple folded book to the elaborate Coptic style. Artist books can be even more inventive and strange. I delight in using all manner of materials for book covers and enjoys the challenge of new book designs. Blank journals are a specialty, using handmade papers to create unique spaces for keeping treasured thoughts and ephemera.

Handmade papers, made from locally grown plants and recycled materials, add an excitement and elegance to correspondence and books. Each plant has different qualities which make for unique pulps and papers. Recycled pulps benefit the landfills.

Some of the plants that I have used in my papermaking include:

  • abaca
  • banana
  • cornhusks
  • cotton
  • daffodil
  • daylily
  • garlic
  • hickory
  • hostas
  • kozo
  • leeks
  • linen
  • onion
  • palm
  • wheat straw

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