BOV Day 2

What a great day! It was cool, not so humid (even though it rained) and everyone did an outstanding job with their basketry work.

Some really nice surprises as the BOV members worked – their pieces just kept evolving into grander shapes. Not everyone went home with a finished piece, but they all seemed happy with what they did.

The day actually started out with a super lovely surprise – my love and I are expecting our first grandchild! Second son Tom and his wife Lydia just announced the wonderful news. Baby is due September 18 and has a healthy heartbeat already.  So excited for them!

Right now Sue and I are winding down after the busy workshop day. Actually, I’m winding down and Sue is still working on her piece.  There are usually so many choices than can be made as to how to continue/finish a piece that it sometimes takes quite a while to bring it to a conclusion. But, it seems she is in the home stretch.

Ed.: pics from the workshop are now online.

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  1. Judy,
    So glad that you are having the opportunity to travel to this amazing land. How fortunate the group is to have you as their mentor. Please let me know your teaching schedule for the states. I would love to take a basketry workshop if you are ever near the east coast.

    1. Patricia – It really IS an amazing land – I hope you get a chance to do so, too. Heading east in October of this year – so far mudcloth is the only thing set up. Will work on a basketry class schedule for you!

    1. Hi, Joyce! Thanks! Yep, first grandchild. I didn’t really expect this couple to want children until after Tom is out of law school, but I’m delighted!

  2. Terrific news, Judy! I bet you can’t wait until September!
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying your trip. Australia is wonderful! Don’t you love the eucalytus trees? Have you seen any kangaroos yet? Have a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks, Penny! It will be exciting, for sure! Did see a bunch of kangaroos at rest at a distance – nothing close up yet. I’ve been told they are all over the place at the location I’ll be teaching at this coming weekend. And yes, the eucalypts are wonderful! So many differences!

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