This past week has flown by!

Thanksgiving was a pleasant blur of travel and activity: in Columbus for my family gathering, in Cleveland to meet and greet the youngest son’s in-laws-to-be, and in Youngstown for a bit of time with my love’s sister and sister-in-law. All comfortable gatherings filled with good food and friendly banter.

The only downside to the whole affair was that I brought home a cold. I find that I really like to breathe using both nostrils, so the challenge has been to find something that helps that process to happen while not either putting me to sleep (except of course, at night, when I want that to be my mode of operation) or keeping me wired. We had some old meds in the cabinet that have worked; the trick is in duplicating them with the newer reformulations that have happened in the med world. So far so good…… breathing is still happening regularly.

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