Bun Report

The buns are okay. Not stellar, but not bad. And not too stale, either. Yet. Most likely tomorrow will be a dunking day.

They are fine with peanut butter, raspberry jam and cream cheese. Separately. Together would probably be okay, too, but I didn’t try a combination.

I may toast them tomorrow. Maybe with some yogurt and fruit.

I DID remember another reason why I don’t make yeast bread very often: I wind up eating the majority of it. Although, if it was regular bread, my love would probably give me a hand; he doesn’t like sweet breads.

Fortunately I was able to pass a bunch along to some siblings and friends so I don’t have toooooo many left to feel guilty about.

I have no idea now why I thought I needed a double batch. Maybe it was just to use up the yeast before it was outdated.

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