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After the lovely evening last night, I had an intruder in the bedroom who very nastily bothered me awake in the wee hours of the morning. One mozzie (mosquito) was determined that I would provide all the necessary ‘juice’ to lay all her eggs. A number of lumps on the face prove she won.

Yesterday was a lovely day in the Southern Highlands of Tasmania, particularly Bothwell. We attended the Bothwell International Spin-in – going on more than 30 years and attracting folks from around the state. Sheep dog competitions, shearing demos, weaving and spinning demos, the longest thread competition via spinning as well as on the spot felting, some marbling and needle felting – all sorts of fiber displays. Very similar to wool festivals in the states.

They had artists from Russia via the US, India and New Zealand as well as participants from a number of different countries and AU states. A local string band performed some good old country songs that could also be considered Scottish ballads.

Di had coordinated her guild’s display so Chris and I pitched in to help take it down at the end of the day.

Bothwell is a lovely little place, hardly touched by time, marking the immigration of Scots to Tasmania. Even the street signs are on different plaids. When we visited the Visitors Center, which is also the Golf Museum (oldest golf course in Australia), the guy at the desk was excited as he needed just one more person to walk in the door to have his first 100 visitor day.

We poked around in the town a bit before stopping at the local whiskey distillery – a really lovely spot of property and set of buildings – will have pics to post later. We didn’t imbibe, but were impressed with their set up.

And this morning I tagged along to Di’s water aerobics – first time for me! I may need a nap later!

Ed.: pics from Bothwell and surrounds now online.

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