Odds and Ends

Hmmm….. It is obviously well past my return to the states, I think jetlag is well and truly past (although it has been a good excuse for some things!), and I am heavily into all the activities that make a full summer.

A week after my return I worked with 161 seventh graders at Batesville Middle School for three days making coiled baskets – they were troopers and most managed to make two or more projects.

Two weeks after that I teamed up with the Southeastern Indiana Tourism Bureau to treat 54 seniors to the joys of making open-twined garlic baskets! Holding the sessions at the Great Crescent Brewery in Aurora made it very manageable – owners Dan and Lani are really sweet about making the space work out.

Since we lost so many trees last year due to the emerald ash borer, our back deck has so much less shade during the day. To make the deck more hospitable, we made a rip-stop nylon sail, 12′ x 12′, to cover a good portion of the deck. It also does a great job shading the hot tub in the morning, too!

IMG 1851 e1498354597914 Judy Dominic Fiber Artist The Fiber Art of Judy Dominic

Last weekend I was in Indianapolis for the Midwest Weavers Association’s biennial conference held at Butler University. Good connections with some long time friends; relearned ply split braiding and had great fun breaking the rules for it; IMG 3541 e1498355270919 Judy Dominic Fiber Artist The Fiber Art of Judy Dominic  spent some time with a good friend who had recently moved to that area. Overall a good trip.

My hot tub buddies helped celebrate the summer solstice this week, but we missed getting to the blueberry farm for fresh berries. That will have to happen another day.

I have had an outdoor installation proposal accepted for the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati’s member exhibit at the Fitton Art Center in Hamilton for the month of August – and I have about a quarter of the work made up so far.

The Mount St. Joseph Art Gallery has an invitational exhibit planned for October of this year and I will be one of the artists. Titled ‘Biophilia’, all the invited artists have a strong connection with the earth in their work. I’ve got two large pieces in play at the moment – one with mudded silk and waxed hand made papers that will be roughly 26′ wide and 9′ high (that looks really cool with light behind it),

IMG 3469 e1498354715409 Judy Dominic Fiber Artist The Fiber Art of Judy Dominic

IMG 3485 e1498354869790 Judy Dominic Fiber Artist The Fiber Art of Judy Dominic
and a much smaller cedar  bark and Siberian iris piece. More to do…


But the most important work I’ve done is to create an activity book for my grandson Ezra who will be turning one in early July. Made from a trendy short skirt and various other fabrics, it has dangling hearts, hidden pockets, buttons galore and things to do with them, laces and loops and the strangest looking ‘puppet’ thingee from a used onesie, lace, gloves and socks. Hope he has fun with it! (Will post an image after he receives it… just in case his folks see this first!)

And in two days we will have 5 year old Scarlett and her 15 month old brother Elliot here with us for some grandparent time! With luck they will stay till July 4, but we are staying open to schedule changes as we don’t know how the little guy will handle being away from mom.

Need to childproof the house tomorrow!


One week home…

… and my body is sorta back in this time zone. Although, after a sleepless night last night, I’m less sure.

Unpacking, laundry and putting away has happened. The pile of mail is down to just a few items that need attention. Samples for two upcoming bookmaking classes have been created. Family contacted. Hot tub turned higher and enjoyed.

And…… the tire cozy that was finished before I left in April is now installed on the back of my car! Didn’t want to put it on earlier as I really wanted my love to use the car while I was gone. He has this thing about cozies…



Here comes the sun …

… and I am loving it!

Using that wonderful solar power, we got laundry almost dry in one day, the rest of the dozen of huge papers pulled, most of those sheets dried, and my feet warmed up! Of course, having a thick pair of woolen socks helps, too.

Movie night sort of fizzled out when we couldn’t get the DVD player working, but folding Matthew’s circulars for his new paper route filled the time sufficiently with a good amount of joking around. The boys are fun to be around – brings back good memories of my three growing up.i





As I write this…

… it is just about 5pm in Western Australia, the sun is on the wane, a chill is creeping into the air, and Ollie has just delivered the continental breakfast I ordered (for tomorrow morning) to the door of #8 at the Saltbush Inn in Lake Grace.

There are only seven other units, most of which seem empty, and a police car is parked outside the one next to me. Huge pink geraniums are potted around my unit. The laundry room is next to the policeman’s room.

#8 has a comfy looking queen sized bed with a light blue quilted coverlet that has silver geometric patterms on it. A desk, luggage table amd dark wood wardrobe line the wall by the door. A small kitchenette is across the room, complete with microwave, toaster, electric kettle, small fridge and the expected trays of cups and packaged coffees, teas and hot chocolates mixes. The fridge comes complete with chilled wine glasses and little creamers. A sliding door across from the bed opens up to a small bathroom wih all the standard amenities.

I am home for the next few days!

The trip from Perth to Lake Grace was pleasant and sunny and full of construction work. Very little traffic on the two lane highways and very few towns to pass through. The scenery went from low mountains with lots of bush forests to rolling hills with sheep and cattle farms to hardly any bush growth and wheat fields spreading out to flat salt lake areas and scrub plants. Most everything is dry and brown – the winter rains have just started and I expect it will be a while before things green up.

We did make a stop about midway in the town of Williams for a potty stop and cuppa with two artist friend of Martien’s. A painter and fiber artist – both very wonderful work!

We also did a lunch stop at a park in Wagin that has the absolutely best public park toilets I’ve encountered: flush toilets, plenty of paper, running water – both temps – plus soap and thick paper towels! Lovely!

And now I am taking advantage of some quiet time before going to dinner with Tania et al. Martien just very kindly dropped off a cold bottle of riesling and the little heater is chugging away warming the room.

All is right wih the world.

Get set….

Oh, the piles!  They don’t seem to diminish.  Just added clothes today to the piles. Thought that would be a good idea…


Will be trying to squeeze out as much air as possible from all I can to get everything to fit. I think I’ll be okay weight-wise…


As a little follow-up to my blue results from avocado – after a washing they are now more purple than blue!  Seriously love the magic – wish I could understand the science!