This and that

The double wall hat is no more.  With a bit of frogging and restarting, it has morphed into a sweater or vest or something on that order. Still using the two yarns, but knitting them separately. Making stripes and blocks of color, sometimes with a bit of ribbing, mostly just garter stitch. I’ll eventually check it against a pattern to make sure it will fit.  ITMT, it is a comfortable thing to pick up when watching the bit of TV that I do.


Working with 7th graders again this week making twined baskets.  Or at least I started today.  We’ll see if I actually get the next two visits in with them this week – the weather event of the winter seems poised and ready to strike our area, which will in all likelihood cause school cancellations.


Sure hope we don’t get the ice that is predicted. That is always so tough on the trees, birds and animals.

Doubled hat started

Spending the day with football on the TV in the living room and me mostly in the sewing room with a good audio book working on small twined samples.


When I do sit in the living room, I’m picking up a knitting project – a double wall hat!  Not sure what else to call it.  I’ve got two yarns  going, every other yarn on the needles,  started at the edge/rim of the hat and working each yarn so that I’m making two separate hats that will only be joined at the beginning  edge.  Keeping track of the knits and perls is proving to be interesting as the yarn has a bit of boucle to it that sort of hides the stitch.


I’m pretty sure the hats are separate so far….!

Twining with knitting

Not much going on as I wrestle with a cold/flu/crud. I hope I’ve turned the corner on it – feeling a bit better today.

ITMT, I started a little twined knitting project.  (Twining must be in my subconscious at the moment since I’m getting some pieces ready for my class at CraftSummer!) I had some self-patterning sock yarn on hand, so I stared what I’m expecting will be fingerless gloves – just to try the technique.  Interesting look as the color patterns merge together…

Something about twining is very relaxing. It can put you in a zone, once you’ve got it down, and the world goes on around you. That is about what I need right now…………

Catch-up from November and on through December

Boy, time has flown by! Since mid-November it seems like I’ve been deep into one thing and then the next with nary a breath in-between.

The Branson Banana Bash was a rousing success, if measured in trunks bashed, fiber cooked and new friends well met.  No pics up yet on my Flckr site – hopefully over the holidays…. I did get a chance to pull some sheets fromn what was done in Branson and they are nice! A bunch of trunk pieces are currently soaking (actually, they are frozen solid!) in a wading pool and cement mixing tub on the deck. I didn’t think rain would hurt them but I totally didn’t factor in freezing temps. Oh, well, it will just take a bit longer to ret.

A lovely Thanksgiving Day (thank you Karen and Nick!) was followed by a group art exhibit at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cinti taking advantage of their Final Friday and Second Look Saturday events. It was a nice showing of nine different arts, a not so bad crowd and lousy sales. Even lousier attendance and sales the following day. We did the December Final Friday, too (which really is the third Friday this month because how Christmas happens this year), and skipped out on the Second Look Saturday due to the overwhelming (NOT!) crowd and sales on Friday.

ITMT, I made a quick project for our Weavers Guild exhibit at XU coming up – a smallish quilted hanging using color catchers. AND I started the large installation piece I proposed for the exhibit. If it all goes well, I will use 200 china silk scarves to hang on the third floor of the Student Center in the atrium area. Two panels that should each be about 20′ x 17′. Keeping each scarf in correct order so as not to mess up the design has been the challenge so far! (The side-by-side order isn’t as hard as the top/bottom order – and then the panel-to-panel order where they meet in the middle – that’ll be the killer!) I’ve got one panel’s worth mudded so far – need to rinse them out and then to start on the second panel. Already checked out hanging supplies at Home Depot.

I’ve had the bass out lately  getting ready for Christmas mass music. Tuning up the voice, too.

Throw in some oddball activities (like putting a new back onto a loved blanket for T&L), some smallish scrumble projects that absolutely required cool buttons from St. Theresa Textile Trove, meeting up with some friends of various stripes, guild seasonal parties, business and friend seasonal gatherings, an exhibit proposal, a workshop proposal,  the obligatory gingerbread cooking baking sessions – and I know I’m forgetting a few things….) and I’ve not had time to get into too much trouble.

The days immediately ahead look like they will be a continuation of same.

Many wishes for a most blessed and joyous season and new year!

Rainy week

It’s been a rainy week. Temperatures on the cool side, overcast skies, water leaking out of the heavens as though someone was trying to fix the faucet (sometimes a downpour, sometimes just drips).

I look back on the week and can’t seem to find any major work accomplished, but I know  a lot of minor stuff has happened: daily pressings of handmade papers to encourage them to lay flat, coaxing a blouse to take on a new role as a vest lining for a collaboration piece, guild organizational meetings, creating lengths of ‘plastic yarn’, surface studio clean-up, a crocheted patch for a friend, butternut squash soup and prepping for a visit to Cleveland.

My godmother is celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend and I’m going to help her! I’ll also spend some time with my ‘kids’ while there. A two-fer trip!

Some interesting contacts were made this week, too. More on those as they develop.