What I’ve been doing…

A busy time right now….  Come to think of it, most times are busy!

Anyway, getting ready for my first appearance at the 10th Annual Fashion Show and Boutique of the Textile At Alliance (TAA – associated with the Cleveland Art Museum). I will have work in the fashion show as well as a booth in the boutique. The hardest part right now is sewing tags on all the silk scarves I’ve dyed this past year!

Here are some glimpses of some of the garments (repurposed and some rearranged) that will be available for new owners:

                 Imagered and grey         

          browns and olive

elegant rust

mud circles skirt            mud lines skirt

locut leaves shirt


All sorts of exciting stuff happening here!

– Spent the weekend with some fabulous gals from the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati at their annual fiber retreat in Oldenburg (Srs of St Francis convent Center – special place!) and wound up with some great rusted clothing!

– Hubby scored two of the last tickets to hear Carmon DeLeone and his New Studio Big Band this coming Thursday at The Carnegie in Covington!

– I have a stack of close to 60 sheets of really nice palm papers from last week’s efforts – with lots more palm pulp in the freezer – that I am confident will work well for stationery!

– Got accepted into the Boutique and Fashion Show that happens in Cleveland on Sunday, Oct. 20 this year!

– Completed my first reconstructed garment for this year’s sales from a knit shirt and two t-shirts – used all but one sleeve in the making of a dress with pockets! (Just hope there is a tall skinny woman out there who is looking for a cool, green dress!)

– And the most exciting thing is we were asked today if we would have oldest grandson, Sebastian, stay at our house for the 4th of July weekend as his parents attend a wedding out of state! This will be Seb’s first visit to his grandparents home, first time to visit with some of the cousins in this area, first extended stay away from mom and dad. There is an ulterior motive on their part: hoping to ease the ending of Seb’s dependence on his momma’s milk. He is almost 21 months old and has been drinking out of cups for a long time – just likes his mom a lot! With her going back to work – some nights – not nursing would be a big step for all of them. ITMT, we’ll need to do some childproofing before he comes. Can’t wait!!!!!

Mud day

A lovely warm and sunny day here in Connelys Marsh. I know, I told you it was Dunalley where I’m staying. That is the postal address and closest town of any sort. Connelys Marsh is the actual place where Crhis and Di have their home. Not sure I’ve seen a marsh, yet.

Di and I dove into mud work right after breakfast. We had prepped some cloth last night and pulled out the muds that she had on hand. Two different reds, a yellow ochre, a grey and a rich black. Worked up until lunch on sample pieces including one that Di had dyed with eucalypt leaves previously – we’ll see how that tannin works in keeping the mud colors. We even had Chris add a bit of color to one of the pieces.

I thought I was going to do a drive around by myself, but….. turns out I must’ve put the lights on by accident, so we wound up charging the battery instead of driving. Oh, well.  Got some bilum work done instead.

We did have a bit of excitement when Chris opened the boot (trunk) of the car and this big brown Huntsman spider (non-poisonous) sat there in the lock well staring at us. I think we must’ve injured it when Chris slammed the lid shut, but it did scurry off into the depths of the car’s body once we opened back up to have a peek. There was  another large one on the covering to the veranda couch as I covered the couch back up. The size really gets to me.  But I hear it is the little black ones I have to be careful with.

Earlier in the week I tore a hole in the sleeve of one of my shirts. An op shop shirt, it was made in Australia with all sorts of stitched circles and squares. I mudded some of the shapes during my Grampians Texture workshop to give it some color – worked well.  Not having an iron-n patch, I opened the hole a bit bigger and button-hole stitched around the edge. Now I have a real hole that mimics the design on the cloth.

One of the neighbors, Steve, had come over early in the day for a bit of a photo shoot – he is planning on entering some photo categories in the local fair coming up and needed a portrait subject. A quick pose or two and he was off, leaving behind an invitation to dinner at his place tonight.

Drinks and cheeses/crackers/olives at 7ish, a gormand chicken dish with broccoli and roasted potatoes, yams and that white carroty thing (lost the word!). His chicken was smothered with two of his chutneys – pear and peach. Almost like eating dessert for dinner!  And then we finished with a dessert of a very good vanilla and macadamia nut ice cream with fruit cocktail. YUM for all of it!

Steve is an interesting fellow and very friendly – he is sort of the neighborhood watch guy. He is recovering from an accident which damaged his neck so has lots of time on his hands. To keep from being bored, he is making all sorts of homemade jams, jellies and chutneys to enter into the fair – he has 30 of them ready to go. Zelda his dog only barks at possums and chooks (chickens). His goal is to rival the regular ladies who always take the ribbons.

We all will be hitting the road early tomorrow to see a bit of the eastern coastal area. Better get some sleep.

Day 2 of 2011

Already one day gone in 2011 – how time is flying by!


I spent the first day of the year making a travel top. Not sure what else to call it.  I’ve got a big trip coming up soon and having enough pockets is always a problem for me. So, I took a vest pattern that I’ve had sitting around, did a little tinkering, pulled out some cloth that has been waiting for a purpose and created what I hope will work for the trip. Will give it a couple of  practice runs to see if it really does the job while not looking too dorky.


I’m hoping to keep excess clothing to a minimum on this trip. Too often I come home from traveling with items I haven’t even taken out of the suitcase. Really don’t want to do that this time. I figure that I may get tired of seeing me in the same clothes, but none of the folks I visit will have sight of me for more than a week. And if they do, I’ll just have to smile brighter to distract them from what I’m wearing!


Sure  hope everyone had a lovely holiday season for whichever holiday you celebrated. Looking forward to a great year!