Walking While Driving

A little road trip is always fun.

While being a good goddaughter in upper Ohio, I slipped in some time with the three boys and their loves and then rounded out the travel by presenting a program and mini-workshop on mudcloth close to Chicago. The only problem with doing all that is making sure you have all your directions and times straight, and all the appropriate stuff with you. So I wind up with different suitcases and bags in the car for different days and locations. And hopefully I remember which bag and suitcase is for which day and occasion.

The driving time gave me lots of hours with my books-on-tape. Listened to Random Walk by Lawrence Block. The jacket credits him with all sorts of literary awards and a couple mystery series that I haven’t read yet. Apparently, this novel is an early one of his. It is called a visionary fantasy – had a hippies feel to it as well as a bit of Gandhi, Pope Paul II and Forrest Gump. Interesting. Certainly gave me something to think about.

This week I get to try my hand at power point. I’ve scanned lots of slides – now to put them into some sort of order for a presentation at our local library on Wednesday. I’ve been told it is easy to do…….

Marching into March

I almost missed the fact that today is the first day of March! It’s been such a crazy, filled week. I feel like I’ve hardly been home to do more than sleep. Tomorrow, though, I have the whole day – to play catch up on all the other tasks I need to do.

Just finished the audio book “Bless Me, Ultima” – already turned the book back to the library and I don’t remember the author’s name, but the author is Mexican. The book explores growing up in a Mexican culture through the dreams, faith and experiences of a young boy. Quite moving. I almost didn’t listen to it as it started very slowly, but it drew me in – maybe because of its measured beginning – and kept me waiting for each experience.

I’m listening to the rain on the roof, again. The moon and stars were out just moments ago. Not sure if we will be getting a fallout from the tornadoes in the south today. Tornadoes are never friendly.

Promises kept

In the midst of this week’s craziness, I decided that I needed to follow up on some promises I made earlier:

The audio book I just finished is Winter Prey by John Sandford. A murder mystery with below zero temps; kept me listening.

The cuff-to-cuff sleeves I am working on:cuff-to-cuff sleeves

…and the yarns I’m using:yarns for cuff-to-cuff Adding other yarns as I work is always a possibility.

Hmmmm…. there was probably more, but that’s it for now.

Good Things

Finished another book on tape: Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley. One of the Easy Rawlins mysteries, this one starts as the riots in Watts end. Good read with a very good reader, Michael Boatman.

The trip to Mali is growing! Actually, the trip is still the same; the number of people going with us has grown to 8. I’ll be getting into major list making and packing mode after the holidays – too much going on right now to think about it much. Besides, with all the kids coming home for Christmas, there won’t be any available space to make piles.

I am way more excited about having all three boys and their loves here for Christmas than about the trip. It is always such a joy to have them around. The boys have a wonderful way of “bouncing off each other” that I love – and miss from when they were growing up. And the girls fit right into the mix. They are all so comfortable with each other. Couldn’t be happier with this bunch!

So far, the “relative rotation” for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is working out. Sure hope it continues. I expect there will be a time when someone won’t be able to make it home for the appointed holiday – and they will be missed. For the moment, though, I’m going to enjoy the present of their presence.


I’ve always loved to read. I remember one Christmas – I received a Nancy Drew book from my grandparents and had it finished before the day was out. I’ve always wanted to rush through a book to see what would be said next.

That contines to be my biggest problem with reading: if the book is a good one, I wind up reading it through the night and then have to face the next day minus a lot of sleep. I’m already losing enough sleep as it is, so I try to avoid the temptation.

The solution I’ve found is to “read” books on tape. Since I’m in the car so much, it just makes sense. Listening to a book while driving does take a bit of practice, though. The first time I did it, I missed my exit off the expressway due to a particularly exciting part. Ive gotten over that and consider myself a fairly good driver while reading.

Books on tape have become a habit for me not only in the car, but while I’m in the studio doing repetitive work. I listen to quite a range, from murder mysteries to political intrigue to historical fiction to comedy – and lots in-between.

The one I just finished is The Full Cupboard of Life from the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. I love the series! The voice of the book is so gentle it pulls you in without thinking. And the characters become close friends.

I have to say that my sons were aghast when I first disclosed this habit. They were too embarrassed to admit to friends that their mom didn’t read but listened to books. As though that made me less literate. Oh, well. They got over it and I continue to listen.