Leaving Canberra…

… even though it feels like I just got here!

Just about every day was clear and sunny and warm with chilly (near freezing) nights.

Most of the eucalyptus leaves and barks I was able to sample on my scarves were great at giving color of some sort.

The Botanical Gardens are lovely – and the best thing is that all the eucalypts are labelled!

The two exhibits within the Art building I’ve been staying in (Made in Taiwan and one of indigenous artworks that I didn’t catch the title) are stunning in the breadth of work and accomplishment.

The Old Masters exhibit at the National Art Museum is truly magnificent – the masters being the indigenous artists of bark painting. Thank you, Judy P, for that experience!

The National Art Museum itself is a work of contemporary art! And it was heavenly to get into the archives, even if only for 15 minutes. (Donna K – you would love the collection of looped bags!)

The city itself is quite lovely in all its fall color glory – many ‘exotic’ hardwood trees have been planted. There seems to have been a fascination with sycamore trees at one point in the planting history of the country – so far I have seen them everywhere and very specially placed.

Being on campus was like being in the middle of it all – people from around the world coming to the Australian capital, lots of exchange of ideas, creativity just jumping out of skins.

Extremely friendly inhabitants, too. And ones who have become special friends now. Looking forward to continued friendships – and maybe some visitors to Ohio in the future?

And I was reminded whenever I headed out on a brisk walk that the city is on a high plateau surrounded by some of the oldest mountains in the world with a very low humidity level. Kept my bottle of water handy and slowed my pace…

Heading to much closer to sea level in a couple hours. Need to stuff the last items into the bags … and hope they close!

Interesting things continued

– Gutter combing, officially named by Jane W., is city-style beach combing,. Interesting and useable rusty bits get picked up, admired and possibly collected and used. I now have a lovely small collection of steel street cleaning bristles and assorted nuts, bolts, nails and bottle caps. Growing the collection for my class at Alice Springs! (Good thing they are small and don’t weigh much!)

– Korean sweet potato noodles are very yummy and strange! Knowing that they will NOT be available in Harrison makes me sad, but they should be easily found in Cincinnati.

– ‘Tea’ can mean a number of things: the sweets or savories that get eaten mid morning or late afternoon, the meal that is eaten at dinner time, the actual cup of tea flavored water that gets made.

– Teatime is serious business – in all it’s definitions.


…and a flight. First domestic flight since arriving in Australia, so I did my best to lesson the load that I came with. Shipped a box of workshop and purchased items to the last stop on my journey, which did help. The bags are still heavy but below the weight limit so I’m good. Will get rid of more once I hit Perth.

Enjoying the comforts of the Qantas Club, courtesy Janet de B. (Jackie – Janet stays to tell you she had her typical departure!) I will use Martien’s courtesy card on another leg. Ahhh, the life!


Lovely day to fly. Perth by nightfall. Will enjoy the Easter holiday there.

The Blues recapped

Despite the lack of consistent internet connection, time in the Blue Mountains has been lovely. Cool, crisp mornings, warm sunshine when it wasn’t cloudy or rainy, lots of green vegetation, and some of the best fiber- interested folks around.

Caught up with some previously made friends, found a few small treasures in the traders hall, sampled some excellent Korean cuisine, enjoyed an anchovy pizza tremendously, drank my share of wine, was gifted – in many ways and by many people – with lovelies both physical and non.

Oh, and had some great students who did amazing work in both the mudcloth and basketry classes that I taught. All of them genius!

Will send up pics when I land next.

Still here!

Wifi connections have been spotty here in the Blue Mountains – not much opportunity to comment about what is happening. And we are on our way to a reception, so all the details will have to wait for another opportunity.

Just so you know, it has been sunny, rainy, warm and cold almost every day!