Cooked Bandannas

In my house I do the weekday cooking and my love takes the weekend shift. We’re just talking dinner each day, so there is no real hardship for either of us.

Tonight we had broiled perch fillets, wild and plain rice and broccoli. All that was underway when my love got home from work. He took notice and then promptly got comfortable in front of the TV news with a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers.

What wasn’t so obvious was the extra microwave dish that was cooking away. In for three minutes, out to rearrange the contents, back in for another three, check for moisture content, back in for more….

Time for dinner and the broccoli and rice pots took their respective places on the table. The perch came out of the broiler. My love asked about the other dinner dish still cooking…

Poor guy goes through this all the time with various packages of pulp and guts and soy-mud in the freezer and refrigerator. Tonight I was cooking some bandannas that I had mudded last evening. Since the soy I use likes time to work well, and I am in need of having these ready for the Mali trip, I knew I could hurry the process some by heating the mudded cloth. In a large glass dish with steam droplets heavy on the inside of the clear lid, it really did look like some interesting dinner component.

His face sort of fell when he realized it wasn’t edible. I guess I’ll have to think of something really good to cook for tomorrow.

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  1. I can empathize with you. Way too much unidentifiable stuff in way too many weird places. Or worse yet, identifiable, as in “what the heck is this doing in *here*?!” Our friend -in-common, Beth H., has promised faithfully that if anything permanent happens to me, she’ll drive over, totally empty my refrigerator, freezer and workroom closet and never say a word about what she finds. Have you made arrangements yet? 🙂

  2. Gin – no arrangements made yet, but that is a good idea. I have thought about who should be called first before any cleaning out happens. And how in the world my love is going to be able to figure out my files and calendar. Since I’m sure he will outlast me, I’d better get something organized……but not today!

  3. Eileen – I don’t smell anything, but then my smeller is not all that good. If there is a smell, it has not bothered my love and he usually lets me know when what I’m doing causes a stink. The dirt/mud being used has been cleaned of most organic materials so there would be no little ‘bodies’ being cooked to give an odor.

    That said, cooking the mud is not necessary at all. It just helps to hurry the deepening of the color process a bit.

  4. My significant other isn’t fond of anything green in the way of food. He thinks those asparagus ends in the freezer that I save for papermaking are fine as long as he doesn’t have to eat them!
    Have a great trip!

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