Day One cont.

Well, we didn’t make it to the party. The father of the xylophone player died and they are having a funeral instead. So, change of plans.

Went to the Women and Children’s Bogolan Workshop. WOW! Good stuff! Interesting set up. They are geared towqrd production work qnd use stencils for their pqtterns. They qlso do indigo dying qnd pqpermqking. Some lovely pqpers. CB got the chqnce to sit down qt the fly shuttle loom qnd do some weaving.

Just finished q lovely lunch qt the hotel – qn aspic with vqrious vegetqbles qnd caramelized onions on top. Very interesting trying to figure out what to eqt zhen it is qll in french.

I think we will be going to a bogolqn qrtist’s studio this qfternoon.

My bqd on the roads – there is more thqn one pqved roqd in the city – not many, but more thqn one. We drove over q river or lqke – not sure which – where there were vegetqble fields on the bqnks qnd fishers in the wqter.

Sorry qbout qll the Qs – the q is where the a should be qnd I get tired of correcting it!

Off for the next qdventure.

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  1. Tell everyone that we’re watching your adventures enviously. It’s so amazing to be able to hear from you in Africa almost instantaneously!

    Have a wonderful time, tell us all about it, and keep safe.


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