Demo day

Sleeping in was good this morning. And a leisurely breakfast while reading the paper was especially nice. Plus, it was coolish – only in the 80s.

The day rapidly changed as I headed out to our local county park for their Appalachian Heritage Days at which I had committed to demonstrate basketmaking. Showed the range of baskets and materials that would originate from the Appalachian area and worked on several mini market baskets.

The crowd wasn’t too large, the music was a nice mix of bluegrass and  country, most of the kids were wet from the water park on the grounds, most of the adults were truly interested in the info I had to share, the pair of swans were lovely to watch and the heat wasn’t as bad as the past couple days – I think it only got to 98 or so. But then, I was under a tent and out of the sun’s glare most of the day and that was certainly nice.

Will be demoing again tomorrow. Started going through the installation pics and will have them ready for uploading on Monday.

It is a very interesting phenomenon that while in the midst of the installation process, I knew I was pushing my body to limits – and maybe beyond – but it didn’t complain much. Now that I no longer have to be ready to shove and push and reach and drag and exert a lot of physical energy, I am feeling all sorts of aches and pains all over. Some sort of let down reflex, I presume.

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