Earth music

I felt the earth move under my feet………

Actually I felt the bed move under my hips. This morning early. Side to side. Earthquake coming from IL. And then again (I’m pretty sure) a little after 11am another tremor while I was in the office. The computer monitor moved around a bit and the addition itself seemed to sway a bit. I didn’t hear any truck noise at the time, so I I really think it was another earthquake. A bit strange and exciting. And not serious at all. Not sure how I would react if the epicenter was closer.

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  1. Even as distant as we are, 333 miles, we felt it here. Fortunately, by the time I realized it wasn’t a very heavy burst of wind hitting the house making everything pop, it was over and done, except for the swaying of the light fixture in the dining room. I didn’t have time to be frightened, just excited.

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