End of a good thing

This evening we took down the yarn bombing on Central Parkway. All the while we worked people stopped their cars and/or shouted out how much they liked what we had done and couldn’t we leave it up a bit longer?! One downtown denizen pleaded with us to leave one of the planter wraps at the corner where he ‘works’.   Lots of smiles still.  Makes it all worthwhile.

Just about all ready for the trip to EGLFC in NY. Will pack the car tomorrow. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ I just have to have for teaching when I drive vs how much actually goes with me when I fly!  These folks are getting the better deal, for sure!  We’ll be playing with soft sculpture twining and mudcloth – great combination.


OOOOH! Just realized this is my 300th post!  Hurray for me!

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