Exciting workshop info to pass along!

I know it has been forever – or so it seems – since I last posted. Came across the following info and want everyone to know about it. I’m going!    Judy


Velma Bolyard is a book, paper, and fiber artist from northern New York state. She is going to be teaching an ecodyeing workshop at Morgan Paper Conservatory in Cleveland July 20-21. She has agreed to teach a 2 day shifu workshop at my home in Cleveland Heights on Monday July 22 and Tuesday July 23. The workshop runs 6 hours each day with an hour out for lunch. The cost is $200 for the entire workshop. Space is limited. Here is Velma’s description of her workshop:

Join us as together we learn the traditional Japanese art of shifu, a

spun and woven paper textile. You will experience all aspects of the

process, from choosing a sheet of paper to a finished small weaving.

Expect to be very focused as you slice a large piece of lokta or kozo

paper into one continuous strip, which you will then spin into a thread

or yarn, making “North Country Shifu”. You will learn to weave a cloth

on a simple loom that you devise from repurposed materials. During

free moments, you may learn a simple book structure, which can

showcase your workshop samples and thoughts.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me at [email protected]. Velma’s blog is www.velmabolyard.blogspot.com.

Pam McKee

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