I know I should be finishing the last three weeks of my trip to PNG and OZ – all the pics are up but they need words to make them understandable.  I’ve lost the momentum at the moment as it has shifted to other more pressing things. Like…

…remembering all those who serve and have served in our country’s armed forces – this is Memorial Day weekend here in the US.

…cleaning up after our recent spate of storms. Nothing serious here, just lots of tree debris.

…making plans for a small papermaking gathering here in June.

…writing two articles with deadlines in the next two days.

…making sufficient samples for one of the articles.

…nailing down all the necessary aspects of a teen/river art project.

…working up plans for a community art project.

…hosting and attending various family functions and gatherings – all good fun ones. And setting up future ones.

…giving two presentations on my OZ/PNG trip.

…giving a mudcloth for quilters presentation – which got chased into the church basement due to a nearby tornado.

…quilting some of my mudcloth to use as samples at the above mentioned presentation – which I then forgot to take along!

…making plans for a couple possible trips.

…finalizing various teaching plans for the rest of the year.

…getting excited about the upcoming births of our first two grandchildren!


I promise, there WILL be final reporting on my two weeks in PNG plus the last week in Australia at the Orange Forum.  Just not promising exactly when….

2 Replies to “Excuses”

  1. Good to know you’re not frittering away your time playing Solitaire!!!
    I must make a list of things I need to do and then cross them off….it will make m feel like I’ve achieved something.

    1. Hmmm….some time did get frittered…. I find it helps to make a list that include things I would likely do anyway – or have already done. It makes the crossing off so much more satisfying!

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