Fall signs

It’s real. Fall is definitely here. The telltale sign is being able to see the lights from the neighbors’ houses behind us and across the valley/road. Sounds complicated, but basically, the leaves are off the trees and we are not hidden from view – nor are the neighbors. Definitely fall. We won’t be hidden again until spring. Good thing for the neighbors that it will be too cold to run out on the back deck in my skivvies.
Another sure sign of fall is the turkey festival coming up at our church. Today was spent cooking the turkeys – 170 ten pound turkey rolls. Three to a pan, two pans to an oven, 18 ovens pumping heat. Turkey temperature thingees stuck into each one looking all the world like a tiny bull’s eye – or a belly button. Saturday they all get sliced and Sunday delivered steaming hot with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, beans, cranberry sauce and your choice of dessert! Sunday I’ll be washing silverware and coming home with prune-hands.

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