Felting day

Today was spent with a horde of first and second graders. Maybe not an actual horde (how many people make up a horde?), but a lot. Quite enough, in fact, to keep five women busy the whole time!

Weavers Guild members worked with a local school today, teaching the the kids about the process of felting.  Our presenter’s method of showing how felt becomes dense was quite good – she used kids to dramatize the stretchiness of knitting and then had other kids demonstrate how felt gets all jumbled up and doesn’t stretch. Good for a laugh as well as for the information.

One of the wools used today was not a very good felting wool, so the kids struggled a bit with that. All in all, their felted ‘worms’ turned out just fine. We then went on to cut the worms into pieces and strung them on dental floss for a bracelet or necklace (kid’s choice). I did my share of helping with the felting and my shoulders are feeling a bit tired right now.

The kids were cute and for the most part very interested. A good venture.

The pocket book hasn’t been forgotten – just still thinking about how to resolve a couple issues with it. And I am realizing that I need to finish a couple knitting projects really soon!

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