Folded books

The last two days were spent making new samples for a folded book class that I have coming up – pictures available, starting with the fourth one in the set.

I tried a couple different cover materials. One is using plastic bags laminated together – turns out to be a pretty nifty ‘fabric’. The other was using paper grocery bags, which I’ve done before, but this time I ‘glued’ them together using a fusible fabric binding agent that you heat between two layers of materials to hold the fabric together. Both seem to work well.  I’ll have grocery bags covers for the students to use and will tell them how to make their own plastic bag covers.

My favorite new book is the little mini complete with cover.  What a cutie it is!

It feels good starting out the New Year making some art – even if it is just samples.  It’s the playing around that is good to do – a bit of creativity stretching.

At least one part of my body is getting a workout!

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  1. Hi Judy!

    Just an FYI concerning error messages I’m getting when I send mail to you at your email…

    The last couple of wedding DVD messages I’ve sent out with you on copy have bounced back with a “PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 5.1.1 User unknown” error.

    Assume it’s not just my email server and thought I’d pass the word…

    Later, Dave

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