Friday in Collingwood…

… was a mix of showers, sun and rainbows.


After doing a bit of laundry which we spread throughout the house to dry, my lovely hostess, Nicola, and I checked out the beach for the driftwood and whale scene. The cyclone had definitely changed the amount of driftwood available, burying tons of wood under the sand. But we have some good ‘backbones’ to work with for the community build today. The cyclone also dumped a lot ¬†of rain which we had to wade through to get to the actual beach.


Saw a bit of the gorgeous countryside including the Devil’s Boot rock formation: (having technical difficulties in uploading those pics – will try again later).


Sampled two favorite local eateries and enjoyed the company of some of the locals. Nicola also shows me the rudiments of basket making with flax – great material!


Mostly sunny predicted for today – Hope it holds true for our community driftwood build! Will post results later. Off to the beach!



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