Cincinnati has an annual Fringe Festival. I think a lot of cities have a Fringe Festival. Seems to have originated in Holland (I think I got that right) – the powers-that-be rejected some potential plays and playwrights from a festival of public plays, so the rejected folks started their own performance festival on the ‘fringe’ of the city – now it is larger and more popular than the official festival and the idea has spread around the world – or at least to the U.S.

Anyway…this year the local director was glad for the increased quality of the performances, but decried the loss of “crazy little things” that go to make Fringe fringe.

Got me thinking…(always dangerous)…The Weavers Guild knows fringe. They DO fringe. They MAKE fringe.

Now, I’m talking fiber here, but it still is fringe…and to think of it in terms of being part of a performance festival, well.. that could be pretty fringy! It certainly would be a ‘crazy little thing’ to happen. And could certainly attract a different crowd to both the Guild and the Festival. Not sure how it would all play out (pun intended!) but I envision costumes being ripped into fringe during a performance, or the audience actively making fringe, or…

Think I’ll toss it out to the Fringe Festival folks and see what they think.

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Very fun to read all about what you have been doing lately! You have such a sense of joy and creativity about you and about your work! You inspire me!

  2. Thanks!

    And your photos, Cindy, are awesome! You have such a gift for seeing – and catching – just the right details.


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