Early last week my love announced that he had a gift in mind for our anniversary that is coming up and I needed to pick it out. He didn’t put any price limit on it and refused to give input saying it was totally up to me.

Last week and today I sampled the wares of a local shop and narrowed down the choice to two. After dinner, on the way to pick up tomato plants, I managed to get him to stop in the shop and give his opinion. And he chose the one I was leaning towards, bless him.

I have a new bass guitar! A Peavey with a black pearly body, lovely wood neck and dual volume controls for the dual pick-ups. There’s probably more technical stuff to say about it, but that’s all I know. It has a shorter neck and is lighter than the one I’ve been using. The low E string resounds so wonderfully deep – there is a very nice tone to the whole thing.

It was a fun adventure picking it out – the high school-aged store clerk was pretty amazed at first that this gray-haired woman would be interested in buying a bass guitar. And then he really got into it, showing me all the different models, plugging them in so I could try them out. The shop owners thought it was cool that I spent that much time trying out the different models – they wished everyone would do that before buying an instrument. They also went into all sorts of technical information and trade jargon – I guess I looked like I knew what they were talking about!

Anyway, the new bass sounds good, plays easily, won’t cause my shoulder to ache and will look spiffy with my Sunday clothes when I play at church. All the important criteria have been met.

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