Gingerbread Sunday

A light dusting of snow this morning. And then while enjoying a morning hot tub soak:

snowflakes – feathery water bombs falling through the sky hitting my upturned face with mini icy jolts – immediately adding their infinitesimal weight to the stewing broth


Later, amidst the steamy scents of simmering onion soup and the crackle of wood in the fireplace, in true traditional family style, we created gingerbread men of varying sizes and  accompanying festive shapes.img 6437 Judy Dominic Fiber Artist The Fiber Art of Judy Dominic








Topped the evening off with bowls full of the onion soup, fresh home made rye bread and an assortment of cheeses. Oh, and a glass or two of wine.


A most lovely day.


The only thing missing was the anticipated presence of friends who weren’t able to make it through the snow.  Another time.

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