…GO! and GONE!!!

Whew! The last big thing to do before leaving – getting flights in place for when I teach for FTWG in March – has been accomplished.

The bags are packed. The appointment with the tax guy has been set. The emails notes have been sent. The autoresponder is almost in place.

Need a quick trip to the bank (again!) and maybe a quick look over in JoAnn’s for #7 circular non-metal needles (the project I want to work on during the flights needs that size and I only have one metal circular #7), a shower, a bit of lunch (cottage cheese and my anti-malarial pill along with it), and…. I think that does it!

I will most likely forget something, but at this point, it can’t possibly be important.

Someone recently commented about the 1,000 stories I will have to tell from this experience. I hope the getting ready counts as part of the stories. 🙂 Only 999 more to go!

I’m off! (Friends have been saying that for years.) Catch me back here, hopefully in a couple days, to find out what Mali and the trip is like!

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