Oh, I have to say that I made collared greens tonight for dinner. I’ve heard of them for years, never had them before, but I like kale and figured they would be fine. Since I couldn’t get any leeks, the greens were the next best thing (makes perfect sense!). After a quick search for a recipe, I cooked them up with bacon fat and lots of onions and garlic. The part I didn’t know about was how to serve them and with what!

I figured collared greens were a southern dish, so I decided on black beans and rice. I was told later that the Cajun south doesn’t necessarily do collared greens, and southern dinners typically have the greens as a side dish. Well, I have to say that collared greens with rice and beans as the main dish is pretty good! A bit of salsa and sour cream, if you need to spice it up a bit, works too. And crumbled bacon bits were very much present. Passed on the corn bread since my love doesn’t like that, but I think it would’ve been grand.

So much for my creativity today!

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