My hands made it through the weekend in pretty good shape.

Saturday early morning they helped to put up tents, move tables and chairs, and fill buckets of water for the Misdummer Fiber Arts Sampler that the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati puts on each summer.

Saturday midmorning till early afternoon they helped to snip the ends off green beans for the St. Al’s Shandon annual parish festival’s chicken dinner. Saturday evening they potted eight whiskey glasses full of spider plant babies for the Country Arts booth.

And Sunday they were plunged continuously into hot soapy water to clean off the utensils used at that same parish festival.

Today, my hands have been repeatedly rubbed with lotion. I know they will most likely flake a lot before the week is over, but for the moment they are doing okay. Just a couple pricks from fork tines and sharp-edged knives. They still manage to work the bilum stitch pretty well.

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