Hands, again

I must have this thing for beating up my hands right now. Last night they became full of little nicks and topical cuts and a general roughness.

An RFP (Request For Proposal) came across my email last week for an entranceway installation at a small museum. It sounds doable and I’ve been trying out some thoughts with new materials that will last a lot longer than sticks and vines. Plastic isn’t a problem, but the metals create a bit of a challenge. (Will post pics after I hear the selection results.)

Too stiff and I can’t bend them into shape. Too thin and they slice. Nothing serious, just noticeable.

I want to try some wood today; probably should expect splinters. You’d think I would wear gloves, but I really like to feel the material as I work with it.

I’ll use next week to get my hands in shape for our youngest son’s wedding on the 2nd. I’ve even been thinking about nail polish!

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