I keep falling asleep at the keyboard today. That and my hands hurt.

The muggy air has something to do with the drowsiness (we were just on the edge of the predicted storm this evening, so nothing more than some cooler breeze has developed). Certainly not as hot as last week, but the sitting still in the warm of my office is a sure recipe for a nod-off.

The hands are another matter all together.

You’d think that with all the pushing, pulling, hauling and lifting that I did, my hands – actually the thumb areas that are developing arthritis – would’ve complained. Nope. And I did more than a fair share of working with the heavy willow rods.

They didn’t even complain much during the two days of demo when I gripped the rims and lashers so very tightly. Those were small baskets and really could’ve gotton along just fine with a less secure lasher, but my hands wouldn’t let that happen.

They charged right in and held everything in place while I wrapped some handles and lashed some mini market rims in place.

I thought I might pay for that later… and I was right.

The thumb areas of both hands are scolding me about their involvement. Along with some of the fingers. And a general overall ache.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I spent two hours this afternoon cutting spokes on 2 liter pop bottles for a kids project next week. And a lot of knitting over the last couple of days.

Every once in a while my wrists get into just the wrong positions and I feel an immediate weakness – not good when I’m holding a pot of boiling spaghetti water.

For all the good that the glucosamine chondroitin is doing, there is still some degeneration – or something – going on. Gonna have to keep an eye on things. And generally acknowledge that my grip on certain types of basketry may be lessening.

Mudcloth and gut grids are both a lot easier on the hands. There’s the focus, for sure.

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