Happy Hearts

I like snow days. When I can stay home and have time that I didn’t expect to have. And can play around with things with no particular deadline staring me in the face.

Actually, it doesn’t have to be a snow day if those other variables fall into place. I guess what I really like are unexpected periods of time that are free to fill as I please.

My list of things that I want to play with and try out is always growing, so it is really nice when I have a chance to cross some of those off. As I did these last couple days.
Like plastic bags – melting them and seeing how they adhere to paper and cloth.  And seeing how gut takes to ironing. And using cloth for book covers without using glue.

Some results were predictable and satisfying, some unexpected and a pleasure, some I know will never need to be tried again.

I also managed to do a couple small projects. One is a group challenge to take a portion of a picture and interpret it in some sort of fiber technique – the pieces will then be put back together to show the whole picture. My section of picture reminds me of a kimono so I  am paper folding and bookmaking to give it life. The mat board is still needed so I can’t mount it yet, but all the pieces are ready.

Another project is for a friend – as a surprise – so I can’t give away any details. It involved a minimum of sewing on my part and I was pleased with the result.

And late tonight a friend called to ask for directions for a flip book. She wanted to make one as a Valentine for her hubby. Which got me to working on one, too. Sort of funcky with hearts all over it…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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