Hot Water

I was in heaven today. Or at least, close to it.

My friend L had called last week to set up a time to meet before the holidays. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and the prospect of getting together with her was a pleasant one. We met for breakfast and then I went in to the Quilt center for my hours of volunteering.

Afterward, I wound my way through the countryside to her residence. All sorts of lovely Christmas and holiday decorations were scattered around the house, in and out. We exchanged small gifts, filled plastic cups full of ice and water, dropped our clothes and headed for the hot tub on her back patio.

Hot water is a wonderful thing! Hot water with pleasant conversation and sips of ice water is even better. I have this thing for sitting in hot water. I think it stems from my mother making her baths so hot she looked parboiled when she got out. She certainly soaked all her tensions out. And that is my goal, too, whenever in hot water.

The outside temperature was almost balmy and the sun was out. We didn’t solve any major problems of the world, but did discuss a bunch of them.

After sufficient pruning up, it was back to the real world of rush hour traffic and figuring out what to have for dinner (I forgot all about the eggplant – darn!). For the brief time in L’s hot tub, the world was good. I’m still feeling the soothing effects – think I’ll head in early tonight!

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