I will be out of commission for a few days…

…due to a reconnect surgery!  Some days it has felt like I’ve had this colostomy for ages, and then other days it seems like last week was the big blowout.

Yesterday I went through the whole business of cleaning out the system – I’m not sure how people do it without a bag in place!  The stuff just runs through you…

Today was the colonoscopy – on both ends! I thought I would be out during the procedure, but wound up staying awake throughout and enjoyed the pictures. Very interesting!

Tomorrow is the big day – my colon and rectum get to say howdy again and get reunited. Once everything is working properly I’ll get to come home (expecting 3-5 days).

Here’s the fun part:  the surgeon discovered that I have the longest colon he has ever seen – double what I need – so he is inclined to remove some of the extra since I don’t really need it and it has caused me problems in the past (duh!).  In my artwork I use pork (and lately beef) gut. (You can see some of my work here.) Guess what I asked him…  Yep!  AND he got the okay from the pathologist for me to be able to take some of it home.  Not sure how much will be taken off nor how much the pathology department may want to mess with, but the rest is all mine! I don’t have a solid plan yet as to what I’ll do with it once I’m back to making art, but I expect it will be smallish and may only be shown to select folks.  But I certainly will be putting myself into my art!

Talk with you after I’m back home.  And thanks for all the good wishes and prayers!

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