Ides of February

I keep thinking I’ll post a note here as soon as I get some pictures of current projects, but at the rate the pictures are coming, I’ll never get to posting! So……….

It’s been great lately as the feeling of wanting to create has emerged again. Must’ve been the anesthetic dampening that. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Hiding all the ends of the scrumbled vest is taking HOURS! Getting close now to having them all tucked in – except for the ones I’ll hang beads on. It’s a good activity for listening to an audio book. The current title is Monsters or Monsters of Templeton (the book is downstairs right now and I am not) but I can’t remember the author. All about relationships and family trees and those ubiquitous skeletons in the closet.

The string bag continues to grow and I’ve started another yarn in it – multicolored this time which I am barber-poling with a dusty purple. The original colors that I started with (brilliant gold, orange and dark purple) are not the current colors out there – the bag will have an interesting look by the time it gets done!

I picked up a rayon/flax blend of fabric yesterday and hope to do some mudwork on it this week. I’ve had rayon on my mind lately, just to see how it holds the color. Mudded up some silk scarves last week (the week before?) that are getting the wait-and-see treatment.

And thoughts are turning to the beater in the garage…….. Still too cold to work outside, but I’m starting to cast about for plant materials or anything I could beat up to use as paper pulp. We threw away an old cotton flannel sheet last week before it dawned on me that it could’ve been used – drat.

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