Busy last couple of days!

I was accepted into the Kennedy Heights Art Center’s “Earth” exhibit with a mudcloth scarf and one/two outside orb installation pieces. The exhibit curator was so excited about my installation proposals – he wanted them all!

Took one orb in (off my front porch!) and made 6 others to fit in a narrow space outside one of the gallery windows. While I was working on that, the curator was pushing for more – and so I offered to do a gut net in one of the large openings around the gazebo and he was thrilled.

This morning when I started stretching the monofilament to work the netting off of , he stopped me and said he really would like to see the gut work in the woods instead of the gazebo.  Well, I hadn’t been prepared for that, but he had brought in some leftover branch/saplings from a recent kid project. There was just enough play in them still to bend one into a circle – more or less – and two branches had twinned limbs. I managed to make a tripod holding the circle, netted a couple of the spaces and hung a rock and a found piece of wood from the nets.  Not my best work, but given the circumstances, not bad!

A bonus was the photographer from Channel 9 taking background shots to go along with an arts spotlight on KHAC that will air this Thursday. No idea how much they will show of my working on the gut piece, but at least I was wearing earrings!

Speaking of installations, my love was wondering if the corn husks drying on the deck were a new installation. Certainly not a permanent one!

corn husks drying on deck - future sheets of paper
corn husks drying on deck - future sheets of paper

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  1. Congratulations on getting accepted for the “Earth” exhibit. Sure sounds good. Also congratulations on your teaching at HGA next year.

  2. Earrings??? I bet they didn’t match!
    Congratulations on the exhibit.
    We’ll see you in Albuquerque in less than a year!

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