Interesting things continued

– Gutter combing, officially named by Jane W., is city-style beach combing,. Interesting and useable rusty bits get picked up, admired and possibly collected and used. I now have a lovely small collection of steel street cleaning bristles and assorted nuts, bolts, nails and bottle caps. Growing the collection for my class at Alice Springs! (Good thing they are small and don’t weigh much!)

– Korean sweet potato noodles are very yummy and strange! Knowing that they will NOT be available in Harrison makes me sad, but they should be easily found in Cincinnati.

– ‘Tea’ can mean a number of things: the sweets or savories that get eaten mid morning or late afternoon, the meal that is eaten at dinner time, the actual cup of tea flavored water that gets made.

– Teatime is serious business – in all it’s definitions.

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