Interesting things I’ve learned from Aussies…

… in no particular order of importance:

1. If you are having some slice, you are eating a piece of cake or even a bar-type cookie that was baked in a rectangular pan. Cake is higher.

2. Fairy pee is a very light misting of rain. I’m guessing that heavy rain might be classified as ogre pee…

3. The lupin bean is very similar to the soy bean.

4. Vegemite and Marmite are not the same and each has its own disciples.

5. Emus are able to eat a large seed that has a very poisonous covering without being effected; the actual seed eventually shows up again (minus it’s covering) and is harmless.

And from observation: most toilets seem to have enough water sprayers around the bowl that the water goes straight down and doesn’t have a chance to swirl, but when it does swirl there is a definite counterclockwise motion.

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    1. Gin – I know this is sacrilegious in some circles, but I can’t really tell the difference!


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